What is Remarketing?

Have you ever viewed a product on a website, and then seen that exact item in ads on other websites later on? That’s Remarketing. One of the more effective forms of display advertising and digital marketing, it aids as a visual reminder for users that leave your website. Our data shows us that 97% of users that visit an eCommerce website will leave again before they make a purchase.


We’ll track users that visit your site and our digital marketing techniques will show them ads for your products or services once they continue their browsing elsewhere – hours, days, or even weeks later. Remarketing ensures that your brand stays at the forefront of consumers’ minds. It’s never been easier to convert highly qualified traffic, and as with display advertising you can refine and segment the audience to whom you want your ads to appear. Just like email marketing, it’s far and away one of the more effective digital marketing and SEM marketing activities your business can undertake.

So even if a customer forgets they ever visited your site, we won’t. Let us remind them for you.