At Traffic Box, we rely heavily on Google Analytics and the data it provides to improve and optimise our online marketing campaigns.

In assessing how your campaign is tracking and what steps we need to take to optimise the campaign, we look at these core metrics:

Our metrics

A customer filling out an enquiry form, downloading a brochure, calling you directly or making a purchase: these are all conversions, and these can all be measured.


Your return on investment is one of the more important metrics, and we ensure that you’re getting the best possible return for your online marketing spend.

Click-Through Rates

Your click-through rate (CTR) measures the clicks vs. impressions on your banner ad or graphic, and is very important for display advertising.


We all know what a transaction is. Our goal is to drive as many transactions through your website as possible and our detailed reports show you exactly how we did it.

Sales Channels

You provide your products or services to your customers in many different ways; we utilise these channels throughout your entire campaign.

Assisted Conversions

Sometimes a paid search aids organic traffic without the correct attribution. We’ll show you the combination of marketing efforts that lead to a sale.

Conversion Paths

From the initial ad, to your landing page, to a successful conversion. We follow the conversion path to show you how and why your customers do what they do.

Traffic Sources

Organic traffic, paid searches, direct visits and referrals. It may seem like your traffic comes from everywhere; let us map it out for you clearly and concisely.


Like the name suggests, your organic traffic is that which found your website on Google naturally, without the assistance of text or banner ads.

Paid Search

In contrast to organic, paid search (or AdWords) ads are placed at the top of a Google results page, and appear via an online bidding system.


Display ads, or banner ads, are graphic communications which appear throughout the Display network, and are perfect for generating brand awareness.


Impressions count. Unlike text ads, which are measured by ‘clicks’, display ads are measured by views or ‘impressions’. How many online users saw your banners?

Everything we do is measurable and quantifiable.

See more of your valuable keywords reach the first page of Google


We provide detailed, high level reports that measure the performance of your campaign and more importantly, your results. At the end of every month, we meticulously analyse the results against all relevant metrics: this continuous process of optimisation and refinement means we’re constantly improving your results and building upon the strengths of the campaign.

Increase sales and customers over time


The best marketing campaign is only as good as the results it achieves.

Every strategy we implement is not only tailored to your business from the very beginning, but is also set up in such a way that allows for constant refinement. The results and the data always dictate our next move, and this constant process of refining and tweaking your campaigns paves the way for the best possible performance.

Detailed, comprehensive reporting across your entire campaign.


Our comprehensive reporting means you can track the success of the campaign every step of the way, and as always we welcome your involvement to achieve fantastic outcomes together.

No one knows your business better than you – combine that knowledge with our analytical strategies and industry expertise and there’s no limit to what we can do for your business.


Track the ongoing performance of your campaign month by month, year by year