Data Collection & Analysis

Noah, our company director and head of strategy, has a background in Law and Mathematics. So it’s no surprise that our team is inherently big on data.

As Noah likes to say, “If it’s not backed up by data, it’s simply hearsay.”

Following Noah’s lead, our fantastic team of analytical minds ensure that every decision we make and every strategy we implement begins with quantifiable data accumulated over extensive periods of time.

We use multifaceted programs and strategies to determine search volumes, consumer behaviour and competitor tactics, drawing on historical data, current market trends and informed forecasts when deciding the best course of action for your business.

We’re quick to react and modify our tactics for the best approach in an ever-changing environment, meaning more conversions and a better ROI on your marketing spend.

There’s a reason Traffic Box is a Google Partner Agency. Our knowledge and proficiency in Google Analytics is second to none, and we know it’s the best tool on the market when it comes to effective data collection and analysis.

We know exactly what people are searching for. All you need to do is ask.