Email Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates of any online marketing service. An EDM (Email Direct Marketing) campaign offers quality traffic, is flexible, and is the most direct form of engagement that puts you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. A Traffic Box email marketing campaign can bring you high conversion rates and a fantastic ROI.

Email Marketing Captures the Data that Matters Most

In a short amount of time, an EDM campaign can capture the important data that leads to increased sales and conversions.

We can analyse the topics that your customers respond to, and the products they’re most interested, in so you can serve them highly relevant content that compels them to act.

A Traffic Box email marketing campaign is informed and driven by these customer insights and data analysis, right from initial strategies through to the continual optimisation of your campaign.

Custom EDM Campaigns That Captivate

A Traffic Box -designed EDM is the most effective way to consistently communicate with your active customers.

Using a custom-designed, conversion-focused EDM template, we will seamlessly integrate the look and feel of your website to create consistency and continuity, and to captive your subscribers.

Traffic Box will undertake ongoing refinement and optimisation of your email marketing campaign to enhance click rates, and provide you with statistics to highlight the campaign’s performance.

If you’re interested in a flexible, custom email marketing strategy that can captivate your customers and deliver impressive conversion rates, talk to us today.