Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has one of the highest conversion rates of any online marketing service?

One of the more effective ways of reaching your desired audience, email marketing, also known as Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM), is a fantastic way of maintaining existing relationships with your customers by way of engaging, compelling email campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns have the ability to capture important data that leads to increases in sales and conversions in an inexpensive and short period of time, and our email marketing services in Melbourne will drive more qualified traffic than ever before directly to your website. Quite often, the best approach is an eDM used in conjunction with a comprehensive SEM campaign.

Enhance relationships with your customers with a thorough email marketing campaign – our online marketing team will work closely with our designers using HTML to create engaging and mobile-friendly emails. This will result in a communicative effort that not only nurtures your relationships with your customers but also encourages repeat purchases through increased loyalty.

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