Social Media Agency in Melbourne

Engage with your target audience and promote your business on the platforms that your customers are using.

As a social media advertising and marketing agency in Melbourne, we create social media campaigns that integrate with, and complement, your overall digital strategy to drive conversions and sales for your brand.

Our social media strategists use precise targeting to identify your ideal audience and deliver your message, allowing you to hone in on the users most likely to convert.

Our Social Media Solutions

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Along with Google, Facebook and Instagram comprise the core of your customers’ online activity.

Traffic Box structures your Social Advertising and Marketing campaign according to the specific goals of your business and the needs of your customers.

We use Facebook and Instagram to increase brand recognition, drive website traffic, promote products and offers, retarget leads and website visitors, and identify new customers and niches.

With a deep understanding of the audience you want to reach, we tailor social content strategies according to your specific goals and objectives.

LinkedIn Advertising

Traffic Box’s approach to LinkedIn advertising is designed to develop your professional brand presence, connect you with your audience, generate leads, and build a community of company page followers.

We can use a range of professional traits to target the right professionals for your brand, including industry, job title, company size, degrees, and skills.

Whether you’re looking to create Sponsored Content, or you wish to target certain industry professionals with text ads, we can create a customised strategy to achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing

We turn social media platforms into powerful marketing platforms that deliver strong organic results for your brand. We tailor Social Content strategies so that you speak your customers’ language, and optimise your social pages to drive conversions and sales.

Throughout your campaign, our social experts will produce highly relevant content, and stay abreast of the latest social developments to identify new opportunities for your business.

Social Strategies That Cut Through the Noise

Almost every brand has some kind of social media presence. But not all brands are successful at cutting through the noise and really engaging with their audience.

Let our team of social media specialists devise an exceptional strategy that speaks to your audience and delivers tangible results. Contact our team of social media specialists today, and let’s start talking.