Split Testing

Traffic Box uses data gathered from extensive experiments to support website changes and make strategic decisions.

In order to determine the best performing version of a page on your website, Traffic Box can conduct comprehensive split test experiments that will improve upon both your user experience and conversion rate.

It’s as easy as building slightly different versions of a particular page on your website, with customer behaviour then monitored and analysed to determine the best performing page.

Design and functionality can both be tracked through the experiments, and changes can be as slight as the colour of a button or an eCommerce website’s entire purchase process. Regular website interaction is never place at risk as we control the size and duration of the experiment, as well as which percentage of customers land on which version of the page.

As with everything we do, we can provide you with conclusive data that will prove the success of one page over another – make informed decisions through split test experiments and never leave the performance of your website to chance.